BCA Report


Davis Group are BCA consultants based in Sydney who specialise in providing BCA Reports and resolving Council Fire Safety Orders.

We are accredited with NSW Fair Trading as a Registered Certifier (A1 Accredited Certifier), Building Surveyor - Unrestricted and Principal Certifier. We have the knowledge and experience to develop innovative and practical solutions to ensure your project complies with the BCA.

BCA Report

A Building Code of Australia (BCA) Report is an assessment of an existing or proposed building against the requirements of the BCA.

A BCA Report is often requested by Council as part of a Development Application (DA) to ensure the proposed plans are capable of complying with the BCA or as part of a Building Information Certificate (BIC) application to confirm the completed development complies.

Performance Solution Report

A Performance Solution is an alternative pathway to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

A Performance Solution is often requested by a Registered Certifier or Council to resolve non-compliance with the prescriptive requirements of the BCA. A Performance Solution is typically a one-off design, unique to work with site constraints or specific project outcomes.

Council Fire Safety Order

Fire Safety Orders are issued by Council when the level of fire safety in an existing building is considered inadequate.

Council will suggest you engage a Registered Certifier to conduct a fire safety audit and develop an upgrade strategy. We can prepare a Fire Safety Audit Report that assesses the level of fire safety and make practical recommendations on how to comply.